Move, Get 

Fit & Earn

What is FITCASH?

FITCASH is an engaging, fun and rewarding way to lose weight or increase your physical activity 😄


It's an innovative social fitness application which uses gamification to motivate and support you in living a healthy lifestyle! 

How does it work?

Place your bet

Commit to your goals by betting on yourself.

Bets go into the CashBox

The more people who join, the more money in the CashBox!

Reach your goal & Cash out!

All winners split the money in the CashBox + Extra rewards!

Your goal is calculated based on your starting level, giving everyone an equal chance of winning!

The competition is only between you and yourself!

What else do I get?

Motivation from coaches

All challenges are moderated by 3 coaches: a dietician, a fitness coach and a wellness coach.


Coaches share healthy recipes, fitness exercises, health articles and motivational tips. Coaches interact with the participants, helping you to reach your personalised goal!

Social Dieting & Support

Each challenge has a social feed for coaches and participants to interact with each other.

Here you can share your progress, motivate and challenge other participants.

Extra Rewards

Accumulate points when inviting your friends to the challenge, sharing your weekly progress, and more! 

These points can be used to redeem premium rewards in The Store, such as celebrity meet & greets, discounts, gift cards and luxury experiences.

Get paid to walk 💰

Join Olly's challenge today!