Frequently Asked Questions



What is FITCASH?

FITCASH creates fun challenges for everyone to join! Choose between joining a step challenge to increase your physical activity, or a weight loss challenge to shred those extra kilos. All goals are personalised making it a fair game to everyone. Each challenge is moderated by three coaches; a nutritionist, a fitness coach and a wellness coach, participants receive fitness exercises, recipes and motivational tips.

How does FITCASH work? 

FITCASH is a fun, social and rewarding way to reach your health goals! Find a challenge with a goal and duration that suits you the best, invest in your health to reach that goal by putting a cash wager towards your goal, then start the journey towards living a healthier lifestyle. 

All wagers made by participants go straight into the Cashbox, and every participant who has reached their health goal by the end of the challenge, splits the sum of money from the Cashbox! Get healthy & get rewarded!


FITCASH Premium subscription

By joining FITCASH premium, subscribers are billed with €14,99 every month. Premium users can join one (1) challenge of their choice every month, users will also receive:

  1. Support from certified coaches

  2. Fitness videos

  3. Healthy recipes

  4. Extra premium rewards

  5. Community & support

How do I win?

Simple, with FITCASH everyone can win! There’s no draw and no element of chance, all you have to do is to reach your personalised goal by the end of the challenge, and you will qualify as a winner!

How can I claim my prize as a winner?

Please contact letting us know your full name and in which challenge you have won.

Can participants get disqualified?

We want to keep our challenges a safe place for everyone to enjoy and have fun! Those who violate our policies will get disqualified, without receiving a refund of their investment. Behaviour which is not supported by FITCASH include, but is not limited to;

  • Sharing provocative content to the social feed

  • Cheating or in other ways joining a challenge in bad faith



The CashBox

Why doesn't the money in the Cashbox correspond to the actual cost paid by players? 

We offer participants different types of payment options depending on their geographical area, and these payment options each charge their own fee which deduct a certain percentage of the total amount paid by users.


  1. When purchasing any type of item through either Apple Store or Google Play, these partners take a 30% fee on each purchase. 

  2. When purchasing any type of item through credit card billing, the service operator retains between 3 to 5% fee on each purchase.

How much of the pot does FITCASH take as a fee?

FITCASH is an app which rewards everyone who reaches their health goal, and we wish to do so with as much money as possible. However, we need to pay for our Referees, full-time team, the coaches of the challenge, and more. Because of this, FITCASH retains between 20-35% of the Cashbox, depending on the total amount of participants.

How do we split the challenge pot between winners and FITCASH?

All participants who by the end of the challenge qualify as winners will split the Cashbox altogether. We will deduct the FITCASH fee from the total Cashbox, and the rest is shared between the qualified winning participants.

What happens if everyone wins in my challenge?

FITCASH has a No Lose Guarantee to ensure participants never lose money if you reach your goal. If one of our challenges has an unusually high percentage of winners, we will forfeit our portion of theCashbox to ensure that all winners get their money back. So in the worst case scenario, you’ll end up getting motivated to boost your activity level for free, which is still a win!


Weight Loss Challenge

How do I join a weight loss challenge?

First of all, decide on a challenge which goal and duration fits you the best! Once you’ve made your choice, the challenge wager needs to be paid. All challenges have a wager, this is the money that makes up for the total money in the Cashbox of the challenge which is shared by the winners. Once the wager is paid, you are asked to submit a validation process called the “weigh-in”. To qualify as a winner, the weigh-in needs to be submitted both at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.


How does the weigh-in work?

These consist of submitting two photos for our Moderators to validate; one should be a full-body photo of yourself, either in a mirror or asking someone to take the photo for you, and the second photo needs to be of a digital scale’s readout with the keyword visibly written down on a piece of paper. The keyword is randomly generated per weigh-in, so make sure you use the correct keyword corresponding to each weigh-in. 


Why do I need to weigh-in?

The weigh-ins prevent participants from submitting old photos or falsely reporting their weight, and allows us to correctly validate each participant's weight loss. If we suspect someone is cheating, the weigh-in will be rejected and the participant needs to submit a new weigh-in. A reliable weight loss verification process is very important to us, which is why each weight loss is manually checked and verified by our team of FITCASH Moderators. 


Is there a deadline to submit the weigh-ins?

To ensure everyone has the same opportunity, the initial weigh-in needs to be submitted within the first 72 hours upon joining the challenge. 

The final weigh-in needs to be submitted within 48 hours after the challenge has finished.


What happens if I don’t submit my weigh-ins?

You won’t be disqualified if you’re not able to do the weigh-ins, but we won’t refund your wager either. You can participate in the challenge and finish it like everyone else, but since we can’t verify your weight loss you won’t qualify as a winner and won’t win a share of the cashbox.

How can I update my weight loss progress?

The progress circle seen on your challenge page should be manually updated by adding your new weight. This is a great tool for participants to visualise how far you’ve come and how much is left to reach your goal. 

How is my personalised goal calculated?

To make the game fair to everyone, all challenge goals are personalised based on each participant’s starting point. By completing the initial weigh-in we register the weight on which you started the challenge, and with this weight we deduct the challenge goal percentage. 

For example, if the challenge goal is to lose 6% of weight and your current weight is 100kg, you need to lose 6kg before the end of the challenge.


Isn’t it easy to cheat?

We take cheating very seriously, the weigh-in process described above helps us to make sure participants are not using old photos, or that someone else is doing the weigh-in for them. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, all weigh-ins are reviewed by our Moderators which provides extra security. 


Additionally, we use technology such as artificial intelligence and special algorithms to verify all weight losses. If anyone is caught cheating, they will be eliminated from FITCASH without a refund and banned from playing again.


Who will see my weigh-in photos?

Your weigh-in photos are strictly confidential and will only be checked by the FITCASH Moderators. We will never share them for any reason, and no other participants will be able to see them either.


Step Challenge

How do I join a step challenge?

First of all, decide on a step challenge which goal and duration fits you the best. Once you’ve made your choice, you will be prompted to connect your activity tracker. Once this connection is established, we can extract information from your step history to be able to calculate your personalised step goal. If you accept the challenge, all challenges have a wager which needs to be paid. This is the money that makes up for the total Cashbox of the challenge which is shared by the winners at the end.


How is my step goal calculated? 

This goal is calculated by taking your average daily steps from the past 7 days, and adding the goal percentage which is depending on the challenge chosen. For example, your average daily steps is currently 6000 steps. Now, you would like to join a challenge where the goal is to increase your steps by 15% during 30 days. Here's how we calculate it: 6000 x 15% x 30 days. This would give you a goal of 207 000 steps for the entire challenge. If you reach this amount of step before the end of the challenge, you’ll qualify as a winner!


Where can I check my personalised goal calculation?

Inside the progress circle please click on the information symbol, a pop up shows how the app calculated your personalised goal and total number of steps required to win the challenge.

What if I have a new phone with no step record, can I still join?

Of course! If we can’t extract your step history from the activity tracker, we will by default calculate your new goal on an average of 5000 daily steps.


What activity trackers work with FITCASH? And how can I connect mine?

Google Fit and Apple Health Kit are currently compatible with FITCASH. To be able to connect Google Fit you need to have access to your Google Account, and allow FITCASH access to retrieve data from the app. This should be done seamlessly upon joining a step challenge, if any issues occur when trying to connect your activity tracker, please contact our support on


Do I need to have Google Fit downloaded on my phone to retrieve my steps history?

FITCASH can extract this information from the Google Fit cloud without having to download and install the app on your phone. All you need to do is to link your Google account when connecting the tracker to the FITCASH application.

How do you prevent cheating?

We have our Referees who are working actively to prevent cheating in our challenges, monitoring unusual step activity. Participant’s steps are constantly checked and accounts will be flagged if they show suspicious behaviour. There’s a zero tolerance policy at FITCASH. If anyone is caught cheating or falsifying their steps they will instantly be disqualified, without getting a refund. Participants can be asked to provide additional data from their activity trackers if they have been flagged.

What if I’m having trouble connecting Apple Health to FitCash?

If you by accident denies FITCASH access to Apple Health, or have selected “Done” without turning on the permissions needed, you are required to go to the app of Apple Health to manually enable access.


  1. Open the Apple Health app

  2. Choose “Sources” in the bottom menu

  3. Tap on “FITCASH” app and turn on switches to allow FITCASH to read your activity data from Apple Health


If you’re still having issues with connecting Apple Health, please contact us at


What if the steps in FITCASH and my activity tracker don't match?

FITCASH extracts data from your connected activity tracker every time you open up the app. However, technology doesn't work perfectly all the time.

To ensure that all step activity generated during the challenge period is correctly synchronised and updated in the FITCASH app, you need to launch the app on your phone at least 24 hours after the challenge has finished.

If, for some reason, your step count don't match with your activity tracker please email with details of the error and we will look closer at the issue.


The Store

How can I earn trophies?

Certain actions inside the app are rewarded with trophies. Invite your friends to join 

FITCASH, share your progress or thoughts to the social feed and upload a profile picture are all examples of actions which are rewarded in the app.

What can I do with the trophies?

You can see your total amount of trophies in your profile, and in the store you will be able to exchange these for premium rewards. Each item in the store has a trophy price, once you have these trophies available in your account you can redeem the reward. 

Can I redeem more than one reward?

Users can redeem as many rewards as they wish, being the same one or not, only if they have enough trophies in their account.

How do I redeem a reward in the store?

By clicking the button “redeem” for the item you would like to purchase with the earned points, an email will be sent to you with the premium reward access.

I never got my email, but my trophies have been deducted from my account. What should I do?

If you for some reason didn’t receive this email, do not worry! We first of all kindly ask for your patience, as the email can take some time to generate. If still no email, check the email didn’t end up in your junk folder. If it’s not there either, please contact us at and let us know which reward you would like to redeem.